EIT attaches great importance to virtue development which, coupled with political and ideological education, will be woven into the integrated system of bilingual general and specialized courses. EIT creatively incorporates the residential college system into the traditional department/school structure, with the vision to encourage individualized education and development, and to instill the mindset of innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and creation from day one. EIT's graduates are expected to make a difference to the national rejuvenation with solid academic performance, innovative capabilities, compassion to the home country, and international insights.

Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate students will accept both general and specialized education innovatively designed through the “2+2” (no focus of study required for the first two years) or “1+3” scheme with the aim of preparing students with solid academic performance, innovative capabilities, compassion to the home country, and international insights. EIT will build a wide spectrum of categorized STEM general education curriculum and a targeted specialized education system based on the social need for talent pool and trends of frontier developments, expecting to nurture intellectual and cultural sense and sensibility, and critical thinking.

Postgraduate Study

The first-class faculty, discipline and research platforms could lay a solid foundation for postgraduate education. EIT will adopt best practices of postgraduate advisor selection to introduce first-class advisors and supervisors who can enjoy continuous on-the-job training designed to support the expertise and skills needed for postgraduate supervision. Postgraduate students will find themselves in a hybrid education mode, both online and offline, of systemic scientific research training and practical courses focused on real-life applications. Industries and enterprise partners are invited to play an inseparable role in the design of practical or application-oriented courses and the joint program-based education system which binds the university and industries together in cultivating hands-on practical engineering capabilities of postgraduate students.

Study Abroad

EIT is actively developing joint postgraduate programs with first-class international universities, ensuring that every student will study or exchange abroad (overseas) at least once during the program duration. A dedicated fund is set up to support such opportunities of international exchange programs, visiting programs, internships, conferences, or academic competitions.