• University of Warwick's Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (China) visits EIT

    Cooperation | 2023-08-11

    On August 10, Professor Gu Sai, the Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (China) for the University of Warwick and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK), visited Eastern Institute of Technology, Ningbo (EIT).


    EIT’s Vice President and Chair Professor Zheng Chunmiao, who is responsible for global engagement and also the interim dean of the College of Engineering, hosted Professor Gu Sai for discussions.


    Professor Zheng Chunmiao gave a brief overview of the current development of EIT and warmly welcomed Professor Gu Sai on his second visit since March 30. He emphasized the university's dedication to building and nurturing collaborative relationships with leading global institutions. The positive recognition surrounding EIT on social media testifies to its ongoing progress towards becoming a premier hub for student education and forefront research. Professor Zheng envisions both institutions fortifying and broadening their ties, with an aim to cultivate innovative minds with a global outlook.



    Acknowledging EIT's impressive progress in a relatively short period, Professor Gu Sai highlighted the mutual educational and research objectives between Warwick and EIT. He stressed the global implications of fostering such institutional bonds and expressed hope that both universities leverage their unique strengths for reciprocal benefits. The meeting paved the way for establishing a joint Ph.D. degree program, and for more discussions about potential academic exchanges, and deeper collaborative opportunities.

    Following the discussions at EIT, Professor Gu Sai was warmly escorted for a tour of the Ningbo Academician Center, envisioned as a nexus for esteemed scholars and a catalyst for academia-industry synergies.