• Entrepreneurs' Transformation and Innovation Training Program Launches at EIT, Ningbo

    Latest News | 2023-09-28


    On September 28, the Eastern Institute of Technology, Ningbo (EIT) celebrated the inauguration of the "Entrepreneurs' Transformation and Innovation Training Program" with a memorable Opening Ceremony.


    Distinguished speakers, Mr. ZHENG Minqiang from the Ningbo Municipal Government, Prof. CHEN Shiyi, President of EIT, and Dr. JIN Yong from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), delivered insightful addresses on behalf of their institutions.


    Mr. ZHENG Minqiang emphasized the importance of values such as unity, progress, and unwavering ideals. He encouraged participants to be collaborative, grasp opportunities, prioritize innovation, and focus on sustainable growth. He also urged for an emphasis on technical research, talent cultivation, and maintaining high standards of integrity.


    Prof. CHEN Shiyi linked the vitality of Ningbo's economy to the success of its private sector. He applauded Ningbo's business leaders for their commitment and pioneering spirit. "Urban development relies on business progress, which, in turn, depends on visionary entrepreneurs," said Prof. Shiyi. He urged everyone to take full advantage of this program, collaborate, and work towards a shared vision of growth.


    Dr. JIN Yong highlighted the era’s defining characteristics of rapid transformations and vast opportunities. Recognizing Ningbo as a symbol of economic vitality, he mentioned challenges brought by new economies, technologies, and innovations. He expressed confidence in the program’s ability to equip participants with the tools they need to contribute to Ningbo's private economy.


    Representing the students, Huamao Group’s President XU Lixun celebrated private enterprises as the backbone of economic progress and innovation. Additionally, FANG Min of Ningbo Shimaotong International Co., Ltd., inspired participants to immerse in the learning experience.


    The event was chaired by Ms. LOU Daimin from the Ningbo Municipal Government. Among the attendees were key officials from various bureaus, departments, and educational institutions, along with all participants of the training program.


    The ceremony marked a hopeful beginning, with everyone looking forward to a fruitful journey ahead.