Eastern Institute of Technology, Ningbo (EIT) takes talents as its nucleus, and it has built a founding faculty team with strong political consciousness, exceptional track records in teaching and research, and a stellar international presence. They all share a collective goal of establishing a new type of research university with "high starting point, high level and internationalization".

As of today, EIT has officially recruited more than 79 core professors (independent PIs), including 11 academicians, 17 fellows of internationally renowned academic institutions, 40 high-level national talents, and 48 members who have been working in Top 200 institutions.

The number of independent PIs is estimated to reach 600 within a decade.


Academy members


Scholars with distinction


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Faculty With Distinction

EIT has gathered a group of high-level faculty team: 100% of the tenure-track scholars hold a PhD degree, over 40% have high-level credentials, over 80% of the teaching and research assistant scholars hold at least a postgraduate degree.