Zhangxing Chen

Chair Professor

Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Member, U.S. National Academy of Engineering

Fellow, the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society of Canada


Background Information

Professor Zhangxing (John) Chen holds the NSERC/Energi Simulation Industrial Research Chair and Alberta Innovates Industrial Chair at the University of Calgary. His PhD (1991) is from Purdue University, USA. He has authored/co-authored 25 books, published over 1,000 research articles, and owned 37 patents. Dr. Chen is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering and Energy Institute of Canada, and an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and European Union Academy of Sciences. Dr. Chen has received numerous prestigious awards, such as The Friendship Medal of The People’s Republic of China, 2020, NSERC’s Synergy Award for Innovation, The Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Technology Award, IBM Faculty Award, Imperial Oil Research Award, Fields-CAIMS Prize, Gerald J. Ford Research Fellowship Award, and SPE’s (Society of Petroleum Engineering) Technical Excellence and Achievements Award. His publications have received 23,400 citations and an H-index of 66 (Google Scholar); according to Elsevier Scopus, his publications have been ranked #1 in terms of the overall scholarship (numbers of papers, citations and H-index) in the area of reservoir simulation in the world. His research interest is in Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation and Hydrogen Production.

Research Field

Reservoir Simulation, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, New Energy, CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage), Petroleum Engineering, Fluid Flow in Porous Media, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Hydrogen Production

Educational Background 

Ph.D., Purdue University, USA, 1986-1991.

M.S., Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, 1983-1985.

B.S., The University of Jiangxi, China, 1979-1983.

Work Experience

NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) / AIEES (Alberta Innovates: Energy and Environment Solutions) / Foundation CMG (Computer Modelling Group, now Energi Simulation) Senior Chair in Reservoir Simulation, University of Calgary, Canada, 2008-2022.

Gerald J. Ford Research Professor, Southern Methodist University, USA, 1995-2006.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, USA, 1993-1995.

Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota, USA, 1991-1993.

Academic Experience

Director, International Collaboration Lab, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China, 2016-2022.

Founding Director, Research Industrial Consortium of 15 Petroleum Production and Tech Companies, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada, 2008-2022.

Chair, The Foundation CMG’s Strategic Research Chairs Program Committee, 2008-2022.

Director, Schlumberger iCentre for Simulation and Visualization, University of Calgary, Canada, 2007-2018.

Chang Jiang Chair Professor (awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, China, 2005-2015

President, Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Texas, USA, 2002-2006.

Visiting Research Scientist, The Mobil Technology Company, USA, 1999-2000.

Chair, Texas Finite Element Rodeo, 1995-2006.

Academic Part-time Jobs (Partial)

Chair, International UCG (Underground Coal Gasification) Network of Eight (8) Countries, 2008-present.

Chair, Committee of International Conference on High Performance Computing and Applications, 2004-present.

Scientific Reports, Nature, Editor, 2021-present.

Engineering, Elsevier, 2020-present.

Developments in Petroleum Science, Elsevier, Editor in Chief, 2017-present.

Awards and Honors

Technical Excellence and Achievements Award, SPE Calgary Section, Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2022.

Academician, European Union Academy of Sciences (EUAS), 2022.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2021.

Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, Royal Society of Canada, 2020.

The Friendship Medal of The People’s Republic of China, 2020.

Killam Professor Award, Killam Trust and University of Calgary, 2020.

Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering (Lifetime Fellow), 2017.

NSERC’s Synergy Award for Innovation, NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada), 2017.

The Fields-CAIMS Industrial Mathematics Prize, Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society and the Fields Institute, 2017.

IBM Faculty Award, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA, 2012.

Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Technology Award (ASTech Award), Canada, 2012.

Gerald J. Ford Research Fellowship Award, Southern Methodist University, USA, 2004.

Outstanding Scholar in the Southwest Chinese Community, Chinese Consulate in Houston, USA, 2001.

Representative Works

1. J. Li, X. Lin and Z. Chen, Finite Volume Methods for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations, Springer Briefs in Mathematical Methods, Volume 11219, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2022.

2. X. Dong, H. Liu and Z. Chen, Hybrid EOR Processes for Heavy Oil Reservoirs, Developments in Petroleum Science, Volume 73, Elsevier, 2021.

3. L. Zhang, Z. Chen and Y. Zhao, Well Production Performance Analysis in Shale Gas Reservoirs. Developments in Petroleum Science, Volume 67, Elsevier, 2018.

4. Z. Chen, The Finite Element Method: Its Fundamentals and Applications in Engineering. World Scientific, 2011.

5. Z. Chen, Reservoir Simulation: Mathematical Techniques in Oil Recovery. CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics, Vol. 77, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2007.

6. Z. Chen, G. Huan, and Y. Ma, Computational Methods for Multiphase Flows in Porous Media. Computational Science and Engineering Series, Vol. 2, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2006.

7. Z. Chen, Finite Element Methods and Their Applications. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg and New York, 2005.

Google Scholar


10 Representative Works 

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