Jingxu Zhu

Senior Adviser to President

Fellow of Royal Society of Canada and Canadian Academy of Engineering

Prof. Jesse Zhu serves as a senior advisor to the president of Eastern Institute of Technology, Ningbo, in charge of the industry-university-research work of the Institute. He is a Distinguished University Professor and Canada Research Chair at Western University in Canada. He is also a Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering, Engineering Institute of Canada and Chemical Institute of Canada.

With a B.Eng. from Tsinghua University (1982) where he also worked for 2 years as a junior lecturer, and a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbina (1988), Prof. Zhu first worked as a research scientist for Shell in Europe and UBC for a couple of years. In 1993, he joined Western University where he attained full professorship and established the Particle Technology Research Centre in 1999. As a world leading academic in particle technology, Prof. Zhu has 500 plus referred journal publications, 50 plus patents, and over 260 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows supervised. 

In addition to fundamental research, Prof. Zhu is particularly active in technology development and transfer, with some commercialized or being commercialized, including environment-friendly micro-nano particle spraying technology, pulmonary drug delivery technology, dry coating technology for pharmaceutical solids, and high-efficient fluidized bed for sewage treatment. Companies established by his graduate students and post-doctoral fellows have generated over $20M in sales in the materials, environmental and pharmaceutical industries. 

Over the years, Prof. Zhu has been committed to promoting Sino-foreign cooperations. He has jointly supervised more than 60 graduate students with Chinese scholars, accepted more than 100 visiting students and scholars, and established many collaborative research projects. In 2009, Prof. Zhu, as the founding president, organized the Global Chinese Chemical Engineers Symposium (GCCES) which has become the largest research communication platform of Chinese chemical industry in global.

Prof. Zhu also serves as a Board Director and the Chair of International Affairs for the Canadian Academy of Engineering. He has received many awards including the R.S.Jane Memorial Award (the highest from Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering), the Elsevier Lifetime Achievement Award (the highest particle technology award from American Institute of Chemical Engineers), the Professional Engineers Engineering Medal, the K.Y.Lo Medal from the Engineering Institute of Canada, and the Hellmuth Prize for Achievement in Research (the highest from Western University).